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Native Slagger

Name: Slagger
Race: slig
Gender: male
Age: 24
Appearance: He is green with a yellow visor that shields his eye's. He also has a red hankerchief tied around his arm
Personality: Slagger is often grouchy and is touchy about his personal life. He liked work at soulstorm and goes nowhere without his trusty "railgun" . he dislikes the smell of rotten meat or failing his given orders.
Equipment: He carries an old tobacco lighter, a hand-knife and a 34 milimetre barrel gauss rifle that fires slugs of nickel-iron, he likes to call it "the railgun"
History: at 19 slagger's degree got him into soulstorm as chief of security. Before it's destruction he was demoted for treason (when abe destroyed the necrum mines) and was sent to a military camp. Now he's at rupturefarms working security.

If killing people is wrong...


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