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Uros Osium Tokker managed to get out of the cave… Wow, so impressive (19)


Well :3! It is moving! It lives x3! So lets get it kicking a bit more :3 Only Dbreak today as I think KK7 doesn’t need to move…

Also: Heluva post!


Stopped aiming his guns, more than to appear reasonable (Thing he was in the verge not to be) it was to take the recorder he had used to film everything that happened to Dionysia. It only took him a moment to push the ‘play’ button and a whole lifetime (to his tastes) waiting to see if the thing had worked… but soon it begun talking.

“A direct hit to the spinal column; I couldn’t’ have planned it better!”

The voice of Krik echoed only for a second before another voice talked, this time Dionysia.


Dbreak thought it would’ve been better to stop it, he didn’t want to make Dionysia take her mind from this… to what happened there so few minutes ago.

“I’m glad you asked, you know. Let’s have a look shall we? One; The cartel is holding an axe over our heads about my using Skillya’s DNA, but the only evidence they have for that is you” the ‘Huh’ from the Mudokon girl could barely be heard as Kirk continued "Two; We don't need you any more; the next prototype we made based on what we found out from you has already been examined and the stage even after him is being constructed as we speak. The only reason you're alive today is, as I said, because the Cartel need you as evidence against us."

Dbreak had to stop it, had to, at least for a moment, he was getting angry, furious even, and he didn’t want to lose it or he would be less than any other Big Bro right now… but even with that he played the last bit.

"Three; since you told that spy all our secrets, I've had to put up with being dragged backwards and forwards across this stupid continent, to silly places like this in the arse-end of nowhere; I've spent far too long on disgusting trains, being told what to do by brainless glukkons, and waiting hand and foot on a stupid, immature, frankly idiotic black-skinned slog-bitch of a mud. And four; no one in any way connected with the Magog Cartel knows that I'm here today, so as far as I'm concerned, I can get away with anything I wish to do to you. I only wish I had more time to make this last, but never mind; I'll make it as painful as I possibly can."

Finally Dbreak paused it, there was nothing more and there shouldn’t be anything else that would be more reaffirming than this in what he had to say.

“Experiments… Sligs, Mudokons or anything else for that matter… For most, if not all, the Vikkers we are all but experiments. I did what I thought was right when I helped here” Dbreak pointed at Dionysia “And would do it again if I had to… But if the Vikker that was going for… Anni was anything near the other one I will not let them stay, sorry, but even if they wanted I cannot. Any that knows of them would probably sooner or later come here, any of those would either imprison them or kill them. Do you want any other proof? I can give you this” He motioned to the recorder “It is old and it may not last much longer… but if you could download the video it wouldn’t matter... so please, let them go, it is not their fault what they were forced to do or in here case” He chuckled, looking at Dionysia “What I did”
Lets get this head hunt started shall we?
-Who are we hunting?
Anything that ask us to stop liking Metal and games.
-Half the world then?
Shut up and get me some skulls...


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