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I don't know if the devs monitor the forums for feedback (and which topic is better to live your feedback in) but I have to say the following. Overall I like the trailers and the gameplay footage but there are so much flashing lights in the environment it's distracting (and it also kind of deminishes the atmosphere). I mean all the neon direction lights going from the levers to the corresponding machinery, the lights at the ledges etc. To me it would've been much better to replace the aforementioned neon lights with colored wires and mark climable and un-climable ledges with paint as it was done in Exoddus. The less bright lightsources - the better. I'd also refrain from using the lightning effect on the teleporter doors but use wires to show where the door takes Abe instead. I see the devs are putting alot of effort in the game but I hope they tone down the visual atmosphere a bit.

Anyway, I'm a long-time fan of Oddworld and look forward to Soulstorm.

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