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Default Something Wicked - 2. Game Mechanics

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Stat Management

In an effort to keep godmodding and powerplaying to a minimum, as well as introduce an element of uncertainty and challenge to the game, Something Wicked will be trying out a DnD-style dice-and-stat based system. When performing critical, attribute-based actions, such as lifting an obstacle, firing at a target, or examining an artifact, a character’s chance of success at that action will be determined by their stats and a random dice roll provided by me. The character stats are as follows:
  • Strength - A measure of a character’s stamina, muscle, and endurance. Used for actions such as lifting/carrying/pushing/pulling objects, using melee weapons or unarmed attacks, or physically breaking objects.
  • Dexterity - A measure of a character’s coordination, agility, and reflexes. Used for actions such as using a ranged weapon, dodging an attack, climbing, sneaking, or other feats involving acrobatic skill or hand-eye coordination.
  • Constitution - A measure of a character’s physique, toughness, and overall health. Used for actions such as enduring blows and injuries, or overcoming fatigue/poison/pain.
  • Intelligence - A measure of a character’s reasoning skills, learning ability, and memory. Used for actions such as learning and remembering concepts, operating technology, understanding foreign languages, and reading texts and databases.
  • Wisdom - A measure of a character’s judgement, wile,and willpower. Used for actions such as examining ancient artifacts, recalling historical or cultural lore, and communing with spirits or other magic-based acts (including chants and spells).
  • Charisma - A measure of a character’s attractiveness, persuasiveness, and magnetism. Used for actions such as negotiating, diplomatic work, and public speaking.

Stats can be raised with XP (see below) and are currently capped at 10. All stats start at 1, and when creating a character, you are given 18 points to distribute as you see fit.
Note: The actions listed above are not all-encompassing! If your character is attempting something not listed above, then you can ask me or simply use your best judgement as to what stat it corresponds to.

Critical Actions:
Performing a critical action, whether it be on the environment, an NPC, or another character, is rather simple. You just write out your post as normal, explaining what your character does, then at the bottom note the stat you’re using and precisely what action your character is performing. I will then post as the DM/Fates/Hand of Odd/whatever you wanna call it, adding that stat’s numeric value to a random dice roll from to determine if your character was successful, and if so, how well they did:
1-3 - Critical Failure. Not only do you not succeed, you probably screwed it up somehow.
4-6 - Failure. You don’t succeed, but nothing (too) bad happens.
7-11 - Moderate Success. You managed to accomplish whatever you were trying to do, though not perfectly.
12-14 - Success. Whatever you did, you did very well.
15+ - Critical success! You succeeded perfectly and looked awesome doing it.

Countering (WIP):
It is possible to attempt a counter to some critical actions. Those actions currently are:

Stats can be raised by spending experience points in the Stat Management thread. You can currently gain XP through the following methods:
-You receive 1 XP for starting or joining a player-created thread, and another 2 XP for finishing that after making at least three posts within it.
-You receive 2 XP for joining a plot thread, and another 1 XP for finishing it (plot threads will be declared completed when a certain goal has been met, or the scene is otherwise finished). In addition, based on writing skill and quality of posts, I will award each player anywhere from 1-3 additional XP, so write the best you can!

Threads and Tags:
The plot of Something Wicked will primarily be moved forward by Plot Threads that I’ll post periodically. Most plot threads will be open to everyone, though some, depending on circumstance or location, may only be open to specific factions or characters that can pass a roll challenge (such as sneaking into a secret meeting). However, players may also post their own threads for the simple purpose of fun and character interaction. Furthermore, while you are required to use stats in Plot Threads, you are not required to in player threads unless you want to. If you do use critical actions in player threads, make sure to notify me in the Stat Management thread so I can provide a roll result. To organize threads, I would ask that you use certain tags before the title of your threads:
[SW] - This just means that the thread is part of the Something Wicked story, all threads should have this tag.
[Plot] - This denotes a plot-centric thread, typically only I will be using these.
[O] - Open thread. Anyone can join this thread.
[Nat] - Thread is only open to Native-aligned characters.
[Ind] - Thread is only open to Industrialist-aligned characters.
[Free] - Thread is only open to Free Agents.
[P - Player or character name(s)] - Private/Closed thread between two or more players.

In addition to keep things organized across the Roleplay, please include the following form when starting a new player thread, deleting anything in parentheses:

Location: (Ex Monsaic Lines, Eastern Mudos Wilderness, New Yolk City, etc)
Time: (When is thread taking place? Can be a rough time such as midnight/daytime/afternoon. Note: This field can be updated if a timeskip occurs within the thread.)
Weather: (What's the current forecast for the thread? Can be changed if thread is timeskipped.)

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