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Old 06-24-2002, 09:18 PM
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Sl'askia managed to get out of the cave… Wow, so impressive (10)
Default Spirit Play!

(Well...sorta...I kind of jumped straight to the out takes...ehhehehehe)

Hello! This here is Spirit play! I'll be using a mix of Oddworld and non-Oddworld characters in to decide the cast....

Hmm...I think I'll use Drakkics for the horses...Spider can be Spirit.

Spider: !!?? I ain't no damn horse...

Face it are the best drakk for the job. *sticks a mane on him*

Spider: Oooohhhh the humiliation....

Oh quiet...You have Shriek as Rain so you have that going for you...

Shriek: And who says I am willing to do this?

*groan* You just are! Now...for the rest of the cast...
My Saurian character Onul will be Little Creek...

Onul: *looking at script* Question!


Onul: The script says I ride 'Spirit' a couple times during this...just how am I going to 'ride' Spider with those spines!?

Onul: *pained look* I am going to dread those scenes....

Annnyyywaaayyyy...Rattler was hard one to cast, as I don't really have that many 'baddies' that 'survive' my stories. Hasik will be him.

Hasik: *looks at Spider*

Spider: *tail twitches and glares back at Hasik*

Hasik: *under his breath* this is going to be fuuuunnnn.....

Chiatsa: HEY! Cast me in this so I can kill that bastard!

There is only one real female character in this Chia...and that role is taken. are out of this one...and Rattler doesn't die in this story!

Chiatsa: I can fix that...*checks her blade*

Oh no you don't! *pushes Chia out*

Chiatsa: *screaming* You'll be hearing from my agent!

Whatever. Ok...moving along, the 'bad' humans will be played by sligs.

Spider: Well at least I get to beat up on Industrial sligs...*grin*

Slig extras: *nervous looks*

Oy! This is just a play! You can't go hurting anyone intentionally!

Spider: Drat...

The rest of the indians will be mudokons.

Onul: Isn't it a bit weird for the rest of the humans to be sligs or muds?

Spider: *reading script* And how the heck can I buck with no hind legs?

Shriek: *reading her copy of the script* Wait a minute! I get shot!?

Spider: That reminds me...lizard boy here rides Shriek? I'm the only one that 'rides' Shriek if you get my drift...*sly grin*

Shriek: *giggles and blushes*

*bangs head on the wall* This is going to be soooo much fun......

Ishtar: I foresee nothing but a lot of pain in this...*puts on a nurse hat*
(Mesa going to be skipping alot...besides...out takes are the best part of the show anyway *grin*)

Scene: Colt Spirit licking icicle

Spider: *tongue gets stuck on icicle*

*Camera pans to the rest of the herd*

Um...Spider you're supposed to reappear now...

Spider: *still stuck* I kna! Gut is ing aing reaking off!

Oh dear...*turns to the the prop slig* I thought you weakened that thing enough...

Prop slig: I thought I did too...

Spider: Some elp ere!


Scene: Spirit investigating the human camp.

Spider: *sniffing a boot* *Backs up making a face* PPPEEEEUUUWWWW....Ever heard of Odoreaters bud?

Slig1: uh.....

SPIDER! You are not supposed to talk!

Spider: I'm not *looks over script* so THAT'S why I don't have any lines...


Take Two

Spider: *sticks nose in boot, then tosses it*

*Boot bonks a sleeping slig*

Slig1: Ow! Hey what's the big idea! *throws boot at another slig*

Slig2: *is awakened by boot to head* OW! Yer bastard!

Slig3: Shhh! Guys look! *points at Spider*

Slig: Whoa...look at that stallion...

Spider: *looks up from his search and beams* Yep. I am a stud...what can I say?

*bangs head* Oh talking remember?

Spider: Oops...


Scene: Spirit's capture.

Spider: *gets a rope around his neck*

Slig2: Got yer now! *pulls rope taunt*

Spider: *starts turning blue* gak...gak...too...Tight! *passes out*

Slig2: oops....

*sigh* Medic!

Take two

Spider: *grabs rope with a hand foot and swings slig into wall*

Slig: *ko'ed*'re supposed to lose here...

Spider: D'oh!


Scene: Human fort: Blacksmith

Spider: you mean yer going to have my spines cut off!?

They'll grow back Spider....

Spider: But still...

Just go with it!

Spider: ok ok....

Smith: *reaches to cut a spine*

Spider: *bites him*

Smith: YEOW! That was too hard ya bistich! *Looks at teeth shaped holes in hand*

Ishtar: *sighs and heals him*

Smith: *mutters curses and has Spider muzzled*

Spider: *after Smith finishes clipping...pins him against the post*

Smith: Gak! Yer crushing me!

You were only supposed to get his hand again Spider....

Spider: *shrugs*



Scene: Breaking Spirit

Spider: *bucks a slig off*

*slig hits Rach*

*Both KOed*

Spider: Um...MEDIC!

Take two

Spider: *sends another slig flying....this time into the camera*


*Has ice pack on her head* Um...try not to be so forceful next time Spide ok? *Mutters something about a good thing she had renters insurance...*


Scene: Little Creek

Onul: *tied to a pole making owl sounds*

*Knife comes flying over wall and lands near him*

Onul: *reaches for it with foot* Um...not close enough!

It's at the marked distance...

Onul: *grunts as he strains*

*Ripping sound is heard from one of his shoulders*

Onul: *hollars in pain* Ow! I just tore my shoulder muscles!


Take two

*Knife comes flying and handle side hits Onul in the groin*

Onul: *goes cross-eyed as he falls over* too close...way too close...*groan*

Spider: *winces* I felt that one....ow....


Scene: Rattler breaking Spirit

Spider: *bucks, runs, jumps, until he is too exhausted to move anymore8

Hasik: *starts making his 'anything can be broken' speech*

*midway Spider gets his second wind and rushes the coral fence, then stops suddenly...throwing Hasik off*

Hasik: YIIIEEEE!!!! *lands in manure*

Um...a little too soon Spider...and he is not suppose to end up in the shit pile...

Chiatsa: *laughing* Hey keep it! I liked that!

Hasik: *pokes head out of shit pile* you would...*scowl*


Scene: Destroying the steam engines

Spider: *running as fast as he can*

*Tumbling engine gaining on him*

Spider: I can make it! I can make it!

*Engine tumbles on top of him*



Onul: he didn’t make it…ew…Talk about road kill…


Ishtar: *sighs and goes to rez Spider*

Scene: Canyon chase

Onul: No way I have riding him! He has his spines back! It was bad enough when I rode Shriek…

Spider: *growls* You insulting my Shriek? *advances*

Onul: No…No! *Backs away* I didn’t mean it like that! GAH! *runs*

Spider: *chases after*

Guys! That’s not how the scene goes! *groans*

Scene: Canyon jump

Spider: No ****ing way I can jump this…. especially with lizard boy on my back…

Onul: I have to agree…couldn’t we just use CG for this shot?

We don’t’ have the budget for that…don’t worry…the safety harnesses well keep you safe.

Onul: well…ok…lets go get this over with..

Spider: *sighs, runs toward edge*

Prop guy: Wait! I didn’t hook you up yet!

Spider and Onul: *is in mid jump* Now he tells us…*falls* AAHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Ishtar: I know…I know…

(if I think of more I'll add to this...*grin*)

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Old 06-25-2002, 08:12 AM
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abe22 managed to get out of the cave… Wow, so impressive (10)

Hehehe, cute!
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