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Old 01-18-2010, 08:55 PM
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Love This Forum

Name: ZineDD
Race: Mudokon
Gender: Male
Age: 20 Human years
Look: Dark-Green with few pale like black patterns(stripes). Wears bandage on hands+arms and on the feet. Has a few feathers too, and dark-brown lion cloth.
Personallity:Not a very social fellow, usually walks by himself and never get into trouble if he know that he can avoid it(which means, he would probably betray his fellow mudokons instet "taking one for the team")
Bio: ZineDD hasn't always been that "loner". From the day he was born, he always wanted to help his friends and even strangers. But just about 3 Years before he turned 20, when he was 17, suddently friends and known to him, started to use his "good person" for their own purpose, and in the end, he ended up working at rupture farms...
Equipment: Has a small, hidden, homemade blade under his bandage, in case things gets too nasty.
Status: Scrub

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Name: Dávéé
Race: Mudokon
Gender: male
Age: 20
Appearance: Reddish green Mudoken, large pearlescant eyes, short tied-back hair, large muscular build and tall including unusual tusks protruding from the bottom lip.
Personality: Dávéé is a hard worker, who always keeps his head down and he is more than aware of his uniqueness (the colour of his skin and eye appearance) he is willful and very intelligent.
Equipment: Dávéé carries only his work tools and what it is required of him to carry i.e injured mudokens.
History: Dávéé stays low when trouble is about, his unique appearance makes him a target for mudokens and sligs alike. He does not remember much about his past as his days all seem to blend together but he does remember his dreams, of a clear blue sky with a hand that matches his own and a lush green surrounding to call his home.

sorry it is not more detailed but Dávéé is WIP
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So, here's an edited/ updated version of Arks profile, since I didn't really know what to do with the edited version of my character that my brother had used.

It's still not exactly how I play Ark, but it's a lot better. Mostly I changed some minor parts of his background that fit with my version of his story, rather that of my brother's.

Name: Ark(izane) VLP #3129, employee #935 sold to Magog Cartel Company(M.C.C) 146 [Labor Force Ranch (LFR)](though is currently employed at M.C.C. 1029 [Rupture Farms])

Race: Mudokon

Gender: Worker (neutral/ null/ none/ acts and looks more male though)

Age: 17

Appearance: Ark has the normal build of a Mudokon, and wares a standard brown loincloth. Though his skin was a green blue and is currently stained purple, he has three tattooed black stripes on each arm with the addition of a tattooed 'mask' around his eyes. These tattoos glow whenever he feels a strong emotion, though he can cause them to glow on his own, generating a bright light from them. Additionally, he has five long red and black feathers growing on the top of his head, which he ties together with a weighted string in order to make it seem like he only has one long feather (the weight is stop them from arching higher than most 'working muds').

Personality: Ark is very driven and changes quickly from boredom to anger and back again (or any emotion, really). Tending to either over or under think any action, with very little middle ground, he gets in and out of situation rather quickly. Due to being one of the few 'permanent employees' at Labor Force Ranch, he did a lot of maintenance, making him able to trace the problem and replace the damaged part (though he does not have any true understanding of how it works, he can replace nor repair). He has rather high opinion of himself, thinking that he is most likely always right, very rarely admitting that he's wrong unless solid proof is shown (at which case he'll think it over for a bit and accept it). He likes kids, having spent most of his life training and tending to them, which has made him patient, even if he's livid while he waits.

Equipment: Ark carries with him two things at all time, a bag attached to his loin cloth and his spooce pistol. His pistol has long since ran out of any spooce (ammo), but he still thinks that it's good for a bluff. His bag is filled with small caterpillar type bugs, a small bundle of moolah, and two maps (one of Rupture Farms and the other of Labor Force Ranch).

History: Ark was hatched in labor force ranch and was raised to be sold at the age of ten. As he grew up, however, his body took on bluish tone (due to the combination of a more 'natural' diet and some exposure to the sun, and other minor occurrences). Due to this the Glukkon that had originally ordered Ark's batch was reluctant to own him thinking he may be 'defective', so Ark's owner replaced him with another Mudokon and decided to have Ark join his 'permanent' task force. He grew up teaching other Mudokons how to be top notch slaves, cleaning and repairing the 'ranch', and enjoyed a level a freedom that only he and about 8 others had (the other 'permanent employees, all of which are 'defective' in some way). When one of his two best friends and the only female Mudokon he remembered ever seeing, was killed because she had become fertile (not for incompetence of laziness), Ark started doubting the life he had. Sometime later after learning more about bay that the facility occupied he attempted a rather loud escape disrupting much of the Ranch. Over the next year he hid from Vorluks' (the owner of Labor Force Ranch) Sligs and his head of security. After giving Ark up for dead, Vorluk sent a transfer notice, saying his disappearance supposedly happened due the transfer vehicle being attacked. Meanwhile Ark had been taken up by a tribe of Mudokon that found him, because the shaman there had decided that Ark was going to be his successor. Thus, Ark unwilling went through the necessary training to become a shaman, getting his skin dyed purple and his tattoos in the process, before he was sent on a 'spirit journey' to renter the employment of Magog Cartel for a year. Confused but tired of arguing, Ark set off for the nearest reassignment center, two years after the noticed had been sent.
Labor Force Ranch, raising slaves so you don't have to.

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Here they are :3 My characters now that I stole the pc from my sis again >:3
Important note:
Outsider will appear randomly (Meaning I will throw a dice every time I am going to post and set a dificulty that will increase or decrease depending on a few things. I didnt plan the character to ber VERY active) so he (Or she) will appear few times and probably only in calm situations away from other people's characters. Count the dude as a superspy or sumthing x3.
Important note end:

KK7, full name Kra Kaboom the Seventh Subject

Slig grunt (walker)

Male? Acts as one you could say

Human years say around 22/23

KK7 has a bit of an odd form in the sense that he has only three tentacles and they are from blue to purple and then green as the color of the main body goes. The body itself is pretty normal, maybe a bit smaller than a normal Slig but the complexion is similar, the coloration seems a bit darker though. The arms are normal unlike the face since they have the four fingers and common looks asides the coloration that goes from blue to purple and green like the tentacles. His eyes are deep blue most the time; sadly he has a problem that gives them a red color when angry thanks to blood flow and pressure which usually give him heavy headaches after a few minutes.

Silent and reserved, KK7 has the custom of talking only to very close friends and only saying “Yes/No” or “Sir” whenever he is being talked so he usually he has near zero conversation rating. He is hard to get to know and usually also easy to get angry if insulted or bossed around for extent periods of time which he tends to inform lifting fingers until he runs out of them, moment in which he hisses like a Paramita before taking a bomb out of his pants.
When known enough so he talks to you, you may discover he is a very good fellow! He likes to read and to spend time in clean places to take out his mask and doze off in grass or threes as well as talk with anyone he is friend t, no matter the species.
Since he is different from most Sligs since birth he tends to stay away both from them and from any other Industrial people, even more from any Slig that acts and sounds like a girl (if there is any) and Vykkers for Odd’s sake. He hates meds and will probably go crazy if in need of medical assistance.
He is rather sharp thinking things through, the problem is he usually is too closed with anyone to do so and when angry he is even worse! Don’t try to tell him a joke or anything if he is not friendly towards you or being bright will only mean he will find a way to understand that as an insult.

The face mask is a new armored model originally made for the security section which has each eye protector divided into three reticules that has infra red, night and heat vision alongside the option to turn them on or off at will with a button on the side (so he also has a normal vision). The mask is a personalized model since the basic one has the common number of tentacles and its position fitted with armor but in this case it only has the three of them with an opening for the mouth.
Pants are also different since they are a prototype made of thicker armor and different feet for an all terrain work with chicken like feet that have better grip on most terrain but can’t get water on them like most models since they get stuck and useless.
Unlike most grunts, KK7 has a liking for all kind of explosives which is also where he gets most his pays! He usually has an array of bombs to throw that can vary a lot in function and in effectiveness, regardless of type.

Sold before hatching as most Sligs that had enough luck to grow away from those “mothers” of them, KK7 was hatched as a small color changeling Slig with normal features asides his color and cute appearance that was a burden for mostly any Slig with the normal way of living.
Being labeled as unfit for any kind of work right away after birth, KK7 was delivered to the Vykker labs with a basic combat instructor so (In case they made him fit again) he was still good working material. As it is obvious, Vykkers found him a fun toy to play with.
Most therapy and operations are a mystery to any (Included most Vykkers and himself) since it was one of the few brain surgeries (And failed ones at that) ever done. What is mostly known is the chemicals made to get his skin from changeling and remain as normal as it could. Side effects were: Losing most his tentacles in a PAINFUL way and fear of Vykkers as well as impossibility of another mind proving which ended in unnatural behavior for a Slig.
Actually one of his hopes is to get to know if his personality/sex/etc… was changed at all by the Vykkers and any other operation made.
Besides that, KK7 was returned “half normal” to the barracks for a normal way of life. There he found the guy that is called “Outside” since no one knows where he is from… Most things known about the dude is the fact that he pays anyone that tries his weapons. It is an important fact since thanks to his work he also found Dbreak.
His first actual mission was a raid to capture Mudokon that went really terrible… Before the attack KK7 refused to do so and ditched his team just in time for them to get slaughtered before he found a wild Slig Big Bro that had grown to be what he was naturally in the wild (or so he says to this day).
Thanks to Dbreak, the wild Big Bro, KK7 and him went on living as bounty hunters to try and make Mudos a better place until work seemed to be scarce thanks to other good doers (Heroes or antiheroes that depends on you) that made their way of life something hard to do and support.
Actually he and his buddy have found the need of help in the new Rupture Farms under a… different management. The idea of joining was mostly KK7’s since the other way of earning a living was to become the thing they hunted.

*** ***


Slig Big Bro?

Acts as a dude.

Human years 30 or close.

Big emerald look on most his body except the upper part of his head where it seems to be silver in coloration, Dbreak has a healthier look than most and shows it with the need of no mask whatsoever thanks to his incredibly strong health and body. However he gets sick easy by most poisons and natural venoms in payment for that.
His head, arms and body are the normal mean looking for a Big Bro if you don’t include the Paramita tattoo on his chest (A mean Paramita head that seems to burst from his chest and lunge forward) and the Scrab heads on his forearms.
His back has “bullet holes” like if he had been shoot with a shotgun:: Two on the upper right side near the shoulder, three on the centre of his back, one on the lower right section near the pants, two more near the left down side near the ribs and one in the neck.
His face is usually war painted as a skull in white or black, depending on the mood he woke up.

Very direct and truthful to anything he says, Dbreak is the handy man that can do a bit of everything and learn a bit of everything fast and nice… if he wants. He is usually a lazy guy that is mostly friendly and good company until you boss him around that is.
Very loyal guy and VERY loud, Dbreak tends to get drunk with anything and act overfriendly, unable to control his strength and usually gets wounded easily which may end in a bar fight or some conversation about the meaning of life and stuff.
Intelligent? Yea, he is… he had to be to survive in the wild, but he is not really the smarter one around you know? He can talk about trivial things and such but he is not a joker a leader or a scientist, the guy is your plain normal guy with a body that could crack a building and a friendly attitude so he doesn’t do so.

“Mean Dudes” are his twin wrist pistols made out of parts from Blitz Packers and Spooze Bows he found or bought as well as armor for the Big Bros. The things use Spooze as ammo (Thing he himself makes in secret, nobody knows how but him) and can use SoulStorm brew as a gas weapon (Not REAL SoulStorm brew, there is none left! Play Abe’s Exodus :3)
He doesn’t wear a mask, instead he has a pair of binoculars for anything he needs to watch at long ranges or to use any kind of special vision (Thermal or similar).
Doesn’t wear normal Big Bro armor, his armor is hand made by him from self regenerating wood someone gave him long time ago… It is a secret he keeps to himself and to his friends he only tells if asked in the right moment (Not even drunk he will talk about it). The armor is more or less like a full body armor of any Big Bro but with thorns in the shoulders, doesn’t cover the neck or the hands and also doesn’t cover the face (Which, for some reason, never gets harmed…) but the thing is weaker than metal and doesn’t regenerate really that fast so he is under protected for such a big body.
The legs are old, maintained by mostly natural materials such as wood, vines and other things on the outside (and inside) so he usually gives the looks if you mix it with the armor. They are old but are as good as any newer equipment with the problem that no one but him knows how to repair it which is a problem in a tight spot.

Really most is unknown about Dbreak, the only sure thing is that he lived most his life on the woods in company of wild creatures. He woke up a day like any other with a big body, an empty memory, some cash, weapons, ammo and no clue of anything with that big body of his and his pants…
He doesn’t talk much about his story asides that he grew seeing every part of the civilization: He saw the Mudokons and even spent some years with them after gaining their trust, however the tribal life was not his type.
Living amongst industrial and treating anything like sh** whenever the big bosses wanted was also something that did not call to him at all. Moolah and power were not really his things even if they did have good liquor and entertainment.
Now, living in between? That is what he opted to as he went to live with the small villages around civilization to be in touch with everything. There he found how to do a bit of everything and take care of himself and others. He forged a character that most Sligs don’t have or ever think about.
Dbreak had a lot of adventures he only tells his friends in rare occasions (One of the rarest is where he learned to grow Spooze) as well as to teach others how to be in tune with nature like the tribal species that still live in this industrial world like he did.
Mostly only his late story as companion of KK7 is known since they were the “Brains & Brawl” since they were a mean pair of bounty hunters that usually went alongside the law except in those few cases the law was not really right.
The actual idea of joining RuptureFarms’s new management doesn’t bode well with him, but you must eat and he wouldn’t like to abandon his friend… although the plus of the latter would be that Outsider would stop popping inside the garbage can of their house every now and then to give KK7 ammo and money.

*** ***





No one knows, he appears as a pair of white eyes with that so common black dots in them when he wants someone to see him…

Few words, do the job, give the equipment and money and then get out of there. Outsider is that kind of guy when he is around anyone.

Moolah and various ammunitions.

Nothing is known about Outsider asides that he is the same guy all the time and that he knows KK7 since he was out of the Vykker labs. Outsider is only known as an interrogation for most companies since he doesn’t work for any weapon developing company known by any Industrial (That they admit).

Lets get this head hunt started shall we?
-Who are we hunting?
Anything that ask us to stop liking Metal and games.
-Half the world then?
Shut up and get me some skulls...


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Well, I may as well jump on in on this...

Name: Zim

Race: Mudokon (male)

Age: Think 13 in Human Years

Appearance: He's looks like your adverage Mud, except his skin a the same purple as the Vykers

Personality: Smarter than you might think, he loves working out puzzles and investigating things. He will never admit that he is wrong, even when he is. He avoids violence, and relies on his quick tounhg (help with spelling plz?) to get him out of sticky situations.

Equipment: His wit, he hides a Spoocebow he found once in case he can't talk his way out...

History: He was hatched in Vyker Labs, and he always wanted to study science. The Vykers came to recognize him as a fellow vyker, and altered his skin color as a sign of that. When Abe and Munch blew up The labs, he was out on investigation. With no job, he decided to get a job at Rupture Farms, a little tired with Science, wanting to try something new...
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Name: Argas
Species: Steef
Age: Middile aged
Gender: Male
Appearance: Furry, Large horns and teeth.
Equipment: Homemade Armor and a axe.
Personality: Loner, likes having pet fuzzles, that travel with him.
History: When people in western Mudos began hunting Steef, Argas fled to Eastern Mudos.

Name: Dr Kreeten
Species: Vykker
Age: Old
Gender: Male
Appearance: Old a bit wrinkly. Numerous stiches.
Equipment: A Lil Hacker, and a Snuzi. Also Lungbusters and some Butt-flo.
Personality: Highly Sadistic. Loves to peform open heart sugery.
History: Got fired from Vykkers labs when he kept making fuzzles eat baby chow having them be really fat, then giving them butt-flo and well you know what happens.

Valet Sligs have fabulous hats!

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Scraby keeps ya spleen toasty (132)Scraby keeps ya spleen toasty (132)

Name: Slihard
Race: Slig
Gender: Male
Age: 7 years (oddworld)
Appearance: standard looking slig with an AE mask
Personality: quite a grumpy when you wake him up,he rarely sleeps and hates to be awakened,friendly and strict when it comes to security,shares secrets only with best friends,loves to gamble with friends,hates too much questions
Equipment: pants,mask,a machine gun,grenades and some stolen cards
History: Slihard worked in rupture farms and soulstorm brewery,he was away at soulstorm brewery when abe shut down rupture farms,he barely escaped the explosion at the brewery,he was working as a security guard(leader),after the destruction of the brewery he found some new pants(old ones busted in explosion) and went to feeco,after hearding for reopening rupture farms he went on a train to get employed.
Scrab rules.

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Default my 1st Rp peson (nerple)

age:19(mud,about 45-49 in human)

Appearance:is a slight shade of purple due to vykker expeiment (Failed) has orange-gold hair tyed up shortly and very low, as well as a brown loincloth,he is very slim like most muds.

Personality:is normaly kind and does not under-stand nor detect sarcasm,is loyle and a hard worker.but is easly frustrated

Equipment:1 loincloth(brown),1 hair/feather band(black)

History:nerple was a little hachling in a native tribe when he was kidnaped and sold to the Vykker's Conglomerate and was exprimented on to enlong life and make him Huge.but it failed,life was expected to be only 30 and not the normal of 40 (if it was human 30 whoad be about 70,40=100 ) and he terned a slight shade of purple. due to this he was sent to the Magog Cartel to work in a sign of good will between the groups
(is this ok for a 1st ever rp?)
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Name: Maya
Age:17 (earth years)
Appearance: purple skin,brown cloths,purple feathers,has number 7 branded on her hand.
Personality: mostly has a positive attitude but the littlest thing can make her mad.
Equipment: a pouch bag given to her by her mother which contains nothing inside.
History: Maya and her family was breed in a large captivity place where the slave Mudokons are born. but Maya and her family was different from the rest because of there skin color and strength was different from the rest. so the glukkons decided to brand the hands of the family with numbers and sign up Maya and her family to a Strength test program shortly after the program Maya decided to make an escape at night. She escape the breeding captivity place in one piece but her family did not make it because her family would not tell the glukkons where Maya had gotten to so they shot her family. Maya is now a lone mudokon she has no where to go but when hope was all lost she spotted a Work at Rupture Farms Banner and she decided to put her strength to some good and help out her mudokon brothers.
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Mudokon_Master has learned amuch throughout their quest (618)Mudokon_Master has learned amuch throughout their quest (618)Mudokon_Master has learned amuch throughout their quest (618)Mudokon_Master has learned amuch throughout their quest (618)Mudokon_Master has learned amuch throughout their quest (618)Mudokon_Master has learned amuch throughout their quest (618)

Name: Herman

Race: Mudokon Elder

Gender: Male

Age: One of the older Mudokons, around 38 in Oddworld years.

Appearance: Light, grey skin, hair is grey, long and free. It is about shoulder-length. Only thing Herman ever wears is his Dark loin cloth. He isn't the usual Mudokon as he has a wide circular tattoo across his chest respresenting a chant ring which allows him to possess his powers just about anywhere. He also has a wide variety of scars and scratches up his weak and fragile back.

Personality: Herman is a very father-like and trusting Mudokon and is usually the one to come to if there is trouble. He is very wise and excels the most in religion, art, philosophy, politics, architecture, and military.

Equipment: He carries absolutely nothing but his dark loin cloth.

History: He was born in a tall stone structure built by his ancestors, in the middle of the Mudokon Fortress. Back in the day, when Herman was just a child, the Glukkons were said to have been close allies of the Mudokons. After a long period of peace, a moon appeared in the skies of Mudos which the Mudokons named proclaimed to be known as the, Mudokon Moon. It had the Mudokon paw print on the face.

Shortly after the appearance of the Mudokon Moon, the Mudokons established an omen which declared their species as the Chosen Race. Outraged by this, the Glukkons closed off their relations with the Mudokons. This event marked the beginning of a period known as the Age of Alchemy in which the Glukkons tried to disprove the Mudokon belief of being the supreme species. During the Age of Alchemy, the Glukkons formed their own isolated society in which they spent their lives indoors and refused to see the sky and the accursed Mudokon Moon that disgraced them. The earliest known factory was founded by a Glukkon called Johnathon. He force all of the Mudokons he knew into hard labour, working for the factory called, "Johnathon's Weapons and Destruction". This made Herman sick. He devised a plan to escape the factory for good. After 10 years of hard labour and crucial beatings by sligs, Herman escaped with his friend, Garth with the help of some corrupt Sligs. Back then, the Sligs weren't totally loyal to the Glukkons. Herman live live for another 10 years in peace and freedom. Until the Glukkons once again, destroyed their land to make way for a new factory called Rupture Farms. There he stayed for another 5-6 years and now he can call it home after a hero named Abe took care of the owner for good and in came a new guy called Arnie.

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Name: Slagger
Race: slig
Gender: male
Age: 24
Appearance: He is green with a yellow visor that shields his eye's. He also has a re hankerchief tied around his wrist
Personality: Slagger is often grouchy and is touchy about his personal life. He liked work at soulstorm and goes nowhere without his trusty "railgun" . he dislikes the smell of rotten meat or failing his given orders.
Equipment: He carries an old tobacco lighter, a hand-knife and a 34 milimetre barrel gauss rifle that fires slugs of nickel-iron, he likes to call it "the railgun"
History: at 19 slagger's degree got him into soulstorm as chief of security. Before it's destruction he was demoted for treason (when abe destroyed the necrum mines) and was sent to a military camp. Now he's at rupturefarms working security.

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My Turn

Name: Iroulu (eye-row-lu) Often shortened to Irou (eye-row)
Species: Mudokon
Age: 18 (human years)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Irou is an average Mudokon, but he has much darker skin, and a black loincloth instead of brown, which helps when snaking around, which he does often. He has a bionic arm made from stolen slig technology, and has amped it up with a few weapons.
Equipment: His bionic arm and a pouch that has all the stuff he's stolen.
Personality: Irou is very intelligent, with an I.Q. of 170, and a theif, who steals things to make a living. He is always using his sarcasam and wit when talking to anyone, and does not have very many freinds, because of his rude and cruel treatment to anyone who he deems to have a lower I.Q than him. As a result of this he often get in trouble with his seniors. He has been like this since his family was killed in a slig raid.
History: As a child Irou was a happy Mudokon, until sligs came and kidnapped his family, and were all killed, Irou escaped, only losing his arm in the progress, even thogh he lived, the greif overcame him, and his heart changed, he was now mean, theiving and cruel, stealing from sligs and mudokons alike, making himself a bionic arm from stolen slig technology.
Why did Sarah fall off the swing? Because she has no arms.

Knock knock. Who's there? Not Sarah.

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Name: Zed
Race: Slig
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Appearance: A bit of a skinny body, helpful for doing maneuvers
Personality: Always catious and on his guard but apart from that he is a loyal,friendly and chill out kind of guy
Equipment: his handy rifle and his lucky knife
History: When arnie opened up rupture farms Zed was pleased with joy he'd been looking for work for ages and was quite pleased he has been a loyal member at rupture farms and is always waiting for a new adventure (Zed is the main charachter in my new Fan fiction im writing (Operation Boddy Cream) and at the age of 28 will be the saviour for most of the slig race.

Please read my fanfiction Boddy cream
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Name: Orton
Species: Slig
Age: 40 (Human years)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Orton is an average Slig, but he wears a custom visor, which allows a greater range of vision. Also, his pants are a special kind of pants, made especialy for gaurd duties.
Equipment: Orton carries a baton, Macine gun, and Sniper rifle.
Personality: Orton is cruel, mean and horrible to be around. As a result, he has no freinds. He is often seen beating anyting that he allowed to, or sniping helpless animals and people alike. Despite this, he has a large weakness over blood and gore.
History: Orton used to be a gaurd at Rupture Farms, but was fired for beating empoyees to death. He then made himself his own gaurd bussiness, where he would gaurd for a fee. He was then hired by the police to gaurd Irou at Rupture Farms.
Why did Sarah fall off the swing? Because she has no arms.

Knock knock. Who's there? Not Sarah.

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Post Mudoo (keeperxiii)

(Is this thread still active? )

Name: Mudoo
Species: Mudokon
Age: 18 (Human years)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Mudoo has a grey skin tone and not much else of interest. He takes a black ripped shirt everywhere tucked in his pants like a handkerchief. Where did that ripped shirt came from? He's not telling. Well, not yet anyways.
Equipment: Nothing but his pants and lucky shirt.
Personality: Mudoo isn't very talkative, but he can be a good friend. He's an artist at heart and likes to joke around with close buddies even if he doesn't talk much. He likes to go to old, abandoned places around the Rupture Farms and paint odd pictures.
History: He's not very talkative about his history but rumor is that it has something to do with his lucky shirt and odd paintings. Paintings of another lifetime perhaps?

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Name: Wild
Species: Steef (yes...improbable, but dammit I love steefs! xP)
Gender: Male
Age: About 21 in human years...who knows in steef
Physical Appearance: (Seperate from Equipment/Apparel, so no discussion till then on said items.) Long hair down to the middle of his back. Bright golden eyes. A long surgical scar with stitches from lower left hip to upper right abdomen. His fur is pure white, making him an albino steef, however his mane/hair is deep black.
Equpment/Apparel: Blue bandanna with long thick ragged strands in back. Has leather vest that goes down to about mid abdomen, with ornate engravings and sleeveless. Has black denim-esque pants binding his fore and hind legs together with leather boots. Has blue bandages on his hands and upper arms. Carries two pistols on his hips and a small backpack on his lower back.
Personality/Temperment: Is generally chatty, bit of a smartass. He has a tendency to get testy when anyone asks about his scar. Violent if the one asking pushes the subject.
Background: Spent first 16 years of his life in a lab being tested for various products from hairspray to implanted organs. He later escaped and became a smuggler. Does not really know of his roots as a steef. Tends to antagonize Glukkons financially when they contract him. hehe.
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Sorry dude, the RPG, W@RF, which this thread is for, has closed down.
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