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Old 07-10-2018, 11:31 PM
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Default Oddworld: Chronicles - A Series of Fan-Fictions

"Those who wish to know about our old world
should search the chronicles of the elder souls,
whom are forever furled
in the ancient stones."

Hi and welcome to the thread of Oddworld: Chronicles! A series of a fan-fictions regarding ancient tales of the universe of this great game. This is a project I've been thinking about for several days on which I idealized different stories regarding the past of Oddworld, fan-made of course. Since big ideas like this one keep bugging me when they get bigger I've finally decided to make all this true. Let's start with a quick Q&A:

Q: What exactly is this?
A: Oddworld Chronicles, as I said before, is a series of fan-fictions about ancient tales that talks about the past of Oddworld. It will focus on stories that might tell the genesis of the entire world, the connection of the mudokons to the not-much-known spirit world and way much more. Each chapter will be a different chronicle, all about the past of Oddworld.

Q: Why did you start this?
A: Making up fan-stories about a game or else is something I did a lot when I was a kid (let's all admit this, we all did). Recently now I've been trying to exercise on writing for a while, like years. All because I had good ideas for good stories that keep going around my mind, and I need to write them down! I've discovered fan-fictions again in the last months and I've decided to start writing them to exercise my writing and my english. So feedback is always welcome Oddworld has also been a great source of inspiration for me. It's a great series with a dark and shamanic feeling that collidies with the oppression of technology, which also looks like an actual theme of our times. This is a feeling I didn't always found around in games. And yet Oddworld didn't reveal much about its ancient past which could be something very huge and interesting, and some of it was already seen in concepts arts. So I wanted to try focusing on it by making fan-fictions.

Q: How long is it?
A: Not sure but it should be preeetty long, or at least that's what I hope for it to be As mentioned, I'd talk about the genesis of Oddworld to the actual days of the series. I could write lots of stories about its past, I'll see when I should stop and when I found out more earlier than excepted I might let you know.

Q: Can we already read it?
A: Not yet, but I've been working on the first chapter for a week now and it should be ready in some days.

Q: So are the Mudokons the main protagonists?
A: Nope, the entire world of Oddworld will be. However the stories will be narated by the Almighty Raisin to a young mud fellow called Niok, who wonders about the past of his world. That's all I can tell ya

Are you guys excited about this? I hope you are as just I am to announce this I easily write and throw away ideas, but this one tried to stay in my mind for good.
So here it is, Oddworld: Chronicles - A Series of Fan-Fictions.
Chapter 1 coming soon
v- My other places -v

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Old 07-11-2018, 07:44 AM
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cool! i look forward to the first instalment! it's great to see fiction in FC again.

btw nice introduction and great job with the header.
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